What my Clients are saying!

Emer is a true professional who has given me a unique and personalized insight on my health that has been missed till now. From food allergies to mineral & hormones deficiencies, I’m in a way stronger and energetic position than I was 2 months ago. She has also given me sound advice on healthy lifestyle tweaks that are both practical, simple and manageable in my life as a busy working Mum. This is a new journey for me and one that I intend to keep following.
H. Mullarkey
I have had 2 sessions with Emer who fascinated me with the whole area of biokineseology which is completely new to me. Emer is hugely knowledgeable and generous in sharing her learning in the interests of the health and wellbeing of her clients. She managed to pinpoint my issues and cross referenced them to food intolerance and the identification of heavy metals in my system. I am working on extracting those foods from my diet and taking supplements to chelate heavy metals which I feel are making a difference. Emer is assiduous in getting to the root of the problem and her passion for the benefits of biokinesiology and her commitment to achieving improved wellbeing for her clients place her to the forefront as a practitioner in this area. I am delighted to recommend her.
K Cowhey
I went to Emer as I’ve huge love & interest in this type of health care. I found Emer extremely professional, caring & very knowledgeable regarding Biokinesiology. She was able to identify deficiencies & advice supplements which have helped so much. Thank you
R Kelly
I went to Emer for a couple of treatments and found it to be very beneficial. She was able to pin point areas of my diet and lifestyle that needed to be changed, she was very thorough and professional in her approach. After taking her recommended course of treatments I felt much improved. I would highly recommend her as a therapist and biokinesiology as a treatment.
A Bowers
Emer, with her thorough understanding and knowledge of Biokinesiology, outlined what deficiencies my system had and was therefore able to advise on what supplements to take and what foods to avoid. Very interesting and a much needed complementary health service imo. I recommend it!
O Mulhern
I have been to Emer 3 times now and I found her very professional and knowledgeable. I love how Biokinesiology gets to the root of the problem and I am feeling really well now with lots more energy, I highly recommend her .
L Lannin
I cannot recommend Emer enough. Her extensive knowledge in the area of bio kinesiology is nothing short of amazing. She is one of the most thorough and on to it alternative practitioners I have ever been to see. It is obvious that Emer cares deeply about each client she treats and leaves no stone unturned when getting to the root cause of your symptoms. I feel incredibly confident with the treatment I receive from Emer and am very appreciative for her expertise and advise to solve my health issues. Not only is she fantastic at what she does, but also a lovely and kind person who I trust whole heartedly and who puts at ease from the first visit. For anyone struggling with any sort of health issue, be it body or mind, I would highly recommend going to see Emer and empowering yourself with knowledge and a treatment to drastically improve your situation and life.
R. Howell
I had be having very bad digestive issues for a few months. It had started from a trip to New York. I was getting bad cramps and bloating after eating. My bowels were not good and I was feeling more tired than usual. Honestly I was bowled over with Emer and her findings. She found Parasitises to be the culprit.Been on an anti parasitic for a few weeks and feel amazing, all symptoms gone. Can’t recommend Emer enough.
B Farrell
Emer is so thorough leaving no stone unturned in getting to her diagnosis and treatment plan. I left feeling Emer was very invested in my health and I got very good advice which has led to small but very effective changes to diet and supplements. Very well worth a visit. Thank you Emer.
A Carthy
I had a few sessions with Emer and I was really amazed with this whole process, and especially how Emer was able to identify certain food types which conflict with my system. After only a few sessions I already feel so much better and I am definitely keeping to the recommended regime. I will be back to Emer for more advice, can’t recommend her services enough.
S O’Kelly
I brought my daughter for fatigue and recurrent colds. Emer was able to test chemical imbalances to get to the root of which minerals she could be deficient in and suggest adjustments to resolve them. I had never used biokinesiology before and was impressed by how thorough the testing was and the results it achieved.
E Barry
Worth checking out…if you have any health issues check out Emer’s services…you will not be disappointed!
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