A Biokinesiology approach to any ailment or illness is to consider the individual as a whole and assess all areas which may be contributing to ill health. While we all may have common symptoms, the reasons why and how those symptoms began can vary widely from individual to individual. Factors such as Genetics, Environment, Health History and Physiology all play a part.

During the first session, I carry out a health screen which involves reviewing a history of the Clients Medical, Mental and Physical Health, Nutritional and Lifestyle habits , Environmental influences and any Genetic factors which may be contributing to his/her health issues. Treatments are specifically tailored to each clients needs.

Biokinesiology treatments begin with the Gut because improving Gut Health is the foundation for optimum health. I test enzyme levels and if they are low and not working to optimum levels, I test nutrients needed to fix them. Often I find that once the Gut is fixed, it can have a knock on effect on other pathways, eg: if protein and fat digestion is not at an optimum level then it is very likely Hormones will be imbalanced also as they are made of protein and fat.

Depending on the initial testing, other Pathways which may be tested include

Toxins are also always tested during the initial session and if showing I test the body for various nutrients against the toxins to aid elimination.

Toxins range from Viruses, Bacteria, Fungus/Candida, Mold, Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Radiation, Pesticides and Herbicides.
A Food Intolerance testing is also carried out and if relevant a Nutritional deficiency and/or Absorption testing too. These help me to identify further causes of health issues.

After testing and Dosing the relevant supplements and nutrients, I sit down with the client to discuss Lifestyle and Diet and I give advice on how these can be incorporated into the program to maximize a return to full health. Lifestyle and Diet is of paramount importance in helping a client to heal fully. I consider it fundamental to adopt a long term healthy lifestyle and diet program. As a Biokinesiologist, I am continually researching health issues and what diet/lifestyle changes work best to improve these issues.

A synopsis of a typical Biokinesiology Treatment would include

Full health history taken
Replace low enzymes
Remove all Toxins
Repopulate the gut with Probiotics and/or Nutrients tailored to the clients needs
Testing of the Liver to assess proper functioning and nutrients tested to be needed by the body to aid full working function of the Liver.
Testing of all relevant Pathways and nutrients needed to fix them.
Complete Food Intolerance testing and cross referencing to all pathways to see of relevance.
Nutritional deficiency and/or Absorption testing.
Dosing of relevant nutrients and supplements.
Complete Lifestyle and Dietary Advice appropriate to each individual client to further enhance his/her healing process.

The Outcome

Food , Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids , Herbs, Enzymes and Probiotics are all used to heal the body.

The above are used to

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