Adrenal Fatigue

So our adrenals sit on top of each kidney.

They are responsible for our Stress hormones. Causes of Stress can stem from Psychological (Work related, Personal relationships, Bereavement etc) Inflammation (food Intolerances, nutritional deficiencies), Obesity/Insulin resistance, Toxins, Viruses, Bacteria, Toxic Metals,  and other Environmental influences.

If we dont look after our Adrenals, other more serious illnesses can result such as Thyroid issues, hormonal imbalances and so forth.

Be mindful if you are feeling wired but tired at the same time; Easily irritated; Sugar cravings; Feeling anxious; Foggy brain; Indigestion; Difficulty falling asleep; Skin conditions. All of these could be strong indicators of high cortisol levels.

To get to the Root cause of your stress and help alleviate it please get in touch and we can discuss how to help you.

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